Services and Pricing

The following contain general pricing for the services I offer. These prices are not final and I am always open to discuss discounts, package deals, and other special orders. For any orders or inquiries, please contact me directly.


Creative Writing

I will write any creative content, including poems, short stories, and novels. Cost is by word count and includes multiple drafts.


Blog and Article Writing

I will write blogs and articles for your website, social media, or any other desired outlet. If applicable, I will optimize the content for search engines.


Technical Writing

I will create technical writing, including policies and procedures, for your organization based on your input or my analysis, as requested.


Proofreading and Editing

I will proofread and edit any writing you provide and provide feedback if requested. 

$0.05/word without feedback  $0.10/word with feedback


Posts Only

I will post written content on your social media and advertise based on your agreed-upon budget.


Customer Support

I will provide professionally edited pictures to be used on your social media accounts.  


Posts and Visits

I will visit your establishment to provide professionally edited pictures, videos, and organically written SEO content based on your agreed-upon budget.


Posts, Visits, and Customer Support

I will answer all of you customer support lines, visit your establishment for professional media, and provide organic content on all of your requested social media posts




I will use all sources provided and searchable to analyze aspects of your organization as requested and give a thorough analytical report.



I will communicate with you and your management team to provide coaching on suggested changes and improvements for the company.


Change Assistance and Coaching

I will research and implement suggested changes and improvements and advise on how to improve in additional scopes.




I will create a logo for your organization based on your input, industry research, and the samples provided. I provide two free drafts before the final product and will provide various formats for the logo. 



I will create a flyer for your organization based on your information and suggestions. I provide one free draft before the final product and can provide it in various sizes for a small additional price. 


Graphic Design/Art Commissions

The price varies greatly based on the scope of the work, but these are the general prices

| Lines $10 | Flat Colors $20 | Fully Rendered $30

Medium | Lines $15 | Flat Colors $30 | Fully Rendered $45

Long | Lines $20 | Flat Colors $40 | Fully Rendered $60

Full Lines not available | Flat Colors $100 | Fully Rendered $150

Please contact me directly for any art inquiries.