Shania Heerd Management Consulting, Marketing, Writing, Design.

Business Administration, Marketing, and Computer Science Graduate

I offer: Proofreading, copywriting, creative writing, marketing, graphic design, website design, app design,

Shania Paige Heerd

My Services

I offer management consulting, proofreading, copywriting, creative writing, web and app design, graphic design, and various forms of marketing. 

Marketing: I've run websites, blogs, marketing campaigns, and more. I have certificates in SEO optimization. I've taken courses in social media marketing and have spent over two years working with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter marketing. I've used Salesforce, Smartsheet, Mailchimp, and more. 

Creative writing: I've been a professional ghostwriter for creative writing for over two years. I also write fictional content and poetry as a hobby.

Graphic design: I took classes in graphic design and have done freelance work for numerous organizations. I've developed logos, websites, ads, flyers, banners, and more.

Copywriting and Professional Writing: I have written various documents for different organizations including: Policies, procedures, event templates, email templates, review responses, and more. 

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About Me

I am primarily a management consultant with experience in various fields. My experience comes from a classroom, professional, freelance, hobbyist, and certificate-based background. I have worked in multiple different industries performing various tasks that allow me to help any organization with just about any needs.

After years of classroom experience and freelance writing and programming, I moved on to become a management consultant intern. This is where I learned how to use various different platforms for marketing, tracking customer outreach, and managing multiple businesses at once.

From there I went on to become an administrative assistant for three companies under one owner. I created new policies and procedures, forms and spreadsheets. I implemented security policies and locked down company devices, found new marketing partners, and streamlined every process I reviewed.

I am now looking for freelance and/or remote opportunities to spread my reach with a fresh outside perspective.

“You can make anything by writing.”

C. S. Lewis